Wendy Wasbauer (1976) has been working as an independent portrait painter since 2007. After taking lessons from the renowned portrait painter Ben Lustenhouwer, her painting career took off and now her portrait paintings hang in several countries in Europe.

Her work is characterized by abstract realism; a portrait painting should be similar but does not have to be an outspoken photo. The different shapes and colors of each face inspire her and it is therefore always a great challenge for her to capture the character of the person in question and show it in his or her full power, without losing the abstraction of a portrait painting. .


After an introductory meeting, I take a number of photos of the person who will be painted. After joint consultation, we decide together which photo will be used for the portrait. Then I get to work and during the process I will keep you informed about the progress Of course you can always come and see the painting in person. During the painting process, any wishes can be adjusted. After a final approval, the portrait can be delivered.

If you are considering having a portrait made, please contact me in time. At the moment there is a waiting period of about 4 to 5 months.